Bicycle Rentals

Bike and E-Bike rental in the sole water vital park  Bad Frankenhausen

Yor can rent normal bikes like mountain bikes, touring bikes and bikes for children as well as equipments like helmetes or steats for children and some E-Bikes. The bikes are well prepared for a little city tour to the important sights ( Panorama museum, Quellgrund, slanted tower , Barbarossa cave) or for longer trips. Futhermore there are good conditions for bikers because of the " nature park Kyffhäuser", "and the connection from the city to Unstrut cycle path and the Kyffäuser cycle path.

The new bike rental is a connection between the Kur GmbH and the FAU (Gemeinnützige Fördergesellschaft Arbeit  und Umwelt)

Opening hours: every day from 10.00 - 19.00.

Rental charge: 6,-€ per bike, 20,-€ E-Bike per day, 25,-€ per bike for 1 week

Offer: touring bikes, mountainbikes, bikes for children , E-Bikes (total 50 bikes) and equipment

* no guarantee for prices