From the water castle to bird resting area

1 Bad Frankenhausen:  Spa- und sole city with Kyffhäuser-Therme, "Slanted Tower", panorama and regional museum

2 Goethe Chocolaterie and foam manufacture in Oldisleben

3 Water castle Heldrungen: imposing medieval fortress and moats and Bastionen

4 Espersteder Ried: The protected wetland with coast character is famous for rare halophytes and the big birdlife

Way nature:

good equipped cycle path

Signs :

Bad Frankenhausen to Heldrungen:

Follow the street signs on the cycle path-> Heldrungen to Schönfeld: Unstrut cycle path-> Schönfeld to Bad Frankenhausen: Unstrut cycle path

Tour 1: Esperstedter Ried

Barbarossa cave, baroque village, monastery tower and bizarre Höhle

1 Bad Frankenhausen: Spa- und sole city with Kyffhäuser thermal spring, „Slanted tower“ within panorama- and regional museum

2 View to the barren gypsum karst landscape from the south of the Kyffhäuser– a dream of biodiversity in the nationalpark Kyffhäuser

3 Monastery tower Göllingen: 1.000 years old romanic monasticism offers an awesome view

4 Baroque village Bendeleben: a charming place with an english landscape park, orangery and slanted church

5 Barbarossa cave: fabled gypsum carst cave with impressive cavities, grottoes and seas

Way nature:

good equipped cycle path, little used street, dirt roads (Attention: difficult to drive after heavy rain!)


Bad Frankenhausen to Göllingen: Unstrut-Werra-cycle path

Göllingen to Barbarossa cave: hiking signs with destination information

Barbarossa cave to Bad Frankenhausen: Kyffhäuser-cycle path

Tour 2: Bendeleben

All around the Kyffhäusergebirge

2 Bad Frankenhausen: Spa- and sole city with Kyffhäuser thermal spring, „Slanted tower“ , panorama- and regional museum

3 Barbarossa cave: fabled gypsum carst cave

4 Reservoir Kelbra: crane rest area for bird watching

5 Tilleda: orchard center with regional specialities,open air museum

Königspfalz: the single fully excavated palatinate in germany

6 Airfield Udersleben: watching gliders

Way nature:

mostly good equipped cycly paths, some parts on little used streets



Kyffhäuser-cycle path


To the Kyffhäuser monument(junction Hüflar, length forth and back 40 km with 444m demanding way, good equipped cycle path. Attention: a part with many motorcyclist! Or footpath from Tilleda)

All around the reservoir (junctiuon at campsite, length 17 km. 70m  very level and good equipped cycle path, partially stony dirt road)

Tour 3: Kyffhäuser - cycle path

Rock- panorama and caveman from Bilzingsleben

1 Spa and sole city Bad Frankenhausen

2 Wipperdurchbruch: shell-rockface in isolated river valley

3 Stone gutter from Bilzingsleben: primeval human settlement place

4 Biker church in Frömmstedt

5 Drive through the thuringian gate with awesome view from the Unstrut on the Sachsenburgen

6 Goethe Chocolaterie and foam manufacture in Oldisleben

Way nature:

good equipped cycle path, little used street (partly cobblestones), dirt road


Bad Frankenhausen to Göllingen: Unstrut-Werra-cycle path

Göllingen to Sachsenburg: follow the street signs

Saxony castle: junction to Unstrut-cycle path next to Friedhofstraße (very short biketoursigns), at the city limit a bridge, then Unstrut-cycle path to Oldisleben

Oldisleben: on road accompanying cycle path,follow the street signs to Bad Frankenhausen

Tour 4: Wipperdurchbruch

Forest wild, Unstruttal and Model train park

1 Bad Frankenhausen

2 Water castle Heldrungen: imposing fortress

3 Braunsroda grange with farmer`s market

4 Hohe Schrecke: mountain range with forest wilderniss and originally villages

5 Bockwind mill Langenroda with Cafe

6 Model trains Wiehe: gigantic model trains landscape

7 Unstrut with a beautiful rover valley

8 Monastery school Roßleben: learning in honorable walls since 1554

9 Bottendorf: Bottendorfer thrift and mill museum

10 Artern: old saltcity with brine outdoor pool

Way nature:

good equipped cycle path, dirt road (partly in bad conditions),good equipped forest path


Follow the signs on the road accompaying cycle path to Bad Frankenhausen

From Heldrungen to Braunsroda (red point/red Stroke)

In Braunsroda to the north (red point/green point), after the windmill to the right in the forest on the Kammweg(red stroke)

On the cross „Wetzelshain“ to Langenroda

Before the Bockwind mill to the rigt to Wiehe (Ranke-Wanderweg)

In Wiehe to model trains, then follow the Unstrut-cycle path

In Schönfeld on the Unstrut-Werra-cycle path!

Tour 5: Unstrut & Hohe Schrecke

Up to the Possen,inside the castle

1 Castle Sondershausen: historic ensemble with royal palace, martstall and eight corner building

2 mixed beech forests from the Hainlaite with a view on the lowland of erfurt

3 Possen: historical hunting lodge (restaurant) and a lattice tower in the leisure park( zoo, adevnture playground and high ropes course)

4 Theme park Straußberg: monkey forest with Summer toboggan run

5 Adventure Mine: the oldest traffic potash mine on the world with mining museum, tunnel slide and a concert hall in 700 meters deep

Way nature:

gut equipped cycle path, gravel forest roads, asphalted farm roads, little and worse dirt roads parts

Signs :

Cycle path sign RUS /

Excursion adventure mine :coming from Jechaburg at the city limit from Sondershausen to the right on the Nordhäuser Straße

Excursion castle: coming from Jechaburg at the city limit Sondershausen to the right on Nordhäuser Straße, then Lohberg


Bad Frankenhausen over Unstrut-Werra-cycle path (length: 12 km)

Tour 6: All around Sondershausen

Idyllic route on historic railway track

1 Ebeleben: imposant baroque castle park and swimming pool

2 Thalebra: little gutspark

3 Bebraer ponds: refreshment in the outdoor pool

4 Sondershausen: historic castle ensemble with adventure mine

5 Views on barren gypsum carst landscape from the Südkyffhäuser - a dream from biodiversity in the naturepark Kyffhäuser

6 Monastery tower Göllingen: 1.000 years old romanic Klosterturm

7 Bad Frankenhausen: Kur- and Sole city with Kyffhäuser-Therme, „slanted tower“, Panorama- and  regional museum

8 Esperstedter Ried: protected wetland with rare halophytes and a rich birdlife

Way nature:

good equipped cycle path


Unstrut-Werra-cycle path


From Ebeleben: continuation from the Unstrut-Werra-cycle path

Westbound to the Unstrut- cycle path and the Werratal- cycle path

In Schönfeld: connection to Unstrut cycle path eastbound

Tour 7: Unstrut-Werra-cycle path (Schönfeld-Ebeleben)