Frankenhäuser Franken


These are the Bad Frankenhäuser Franken, our own currency!

50 Bad Frankenhäuser Franken has a value of 50 cent. You can only pay in the participating Stores with it and only 50 Bad Frankenhäuser Franken per person. You can`t pay with that on rebate things and you are not allowed to change it in any other currency!

You can pay with that in the following stores:

  • Hotel Restaurant Thüringer Hof
  • Cafe P im Panorama Museum
  • Salon Pries
  • Steinbrück-Apotheke
  • Markt-Apotheke
  • Anger-Apotheke
  • Silke Kastner " Wünschen und Schenken "
  • Sport 2000
  • Augenoptik Recknagel
  • Blumendeko von Herzen
  • Bad Frankenhäuser Schuhsalon