The slantest highest church tower on the world

As the builder Friedrich Halle finished the church "Unserer Lieben Frauen am Berge"or "Berg-oder Oberkirche" in 1382 in Bad Frankenhausen next to the Kyffhäuser he has not guess how famous his building has become after 630 years.

The builder provide Bad Frankenhausen in Thuringia with the slanted tower on the one hand architectural problem child but on the other hand an identity promoting and unique landmark with a big recognition.

The leisure and adventure park Possen

The leisure and recreation park Possen

The leisure and recreation park Possen which is located between one of the biggest connected beech forest stocks in europe shows a multitude of sights like the oldest and highest in timbering builted tower from europe and the princely hunting lodge. Our animales can be watched in a natural atmosphere. Very famous is the little zoo with goats, sheeps, pigs and other little animals. The big game reserve is the home for red deer, wild boars, falcons and brown bears. We are very proud of the not regional animals like emus, kangaroos,meerkat and cheetahs which enjoys the life in the park.

Very popular for childs is the big adventure playground with a green playground next to him. Not only the little children can play on europe`s biggest bouncy pillow. The newest attraction is a big slide- on 2 slides you can go 7 meters deep.

Europa-Rosarium Sangerhausen

A sea with millions of rose petals expose itself to the visitors in the 1000 years old mountain and rose city of Sangerhausen in the south of the Harz. Here is the greatest rose collection on the world- the Europa-Rosarium-Sangerhausen. More then 8600 different rose varieties and rose species captivate because of the form, colour and fragrenz variety every year.

The Europa-Rosarium is a gene bank and a living museum which shows the impressive history of developing of the rose from the wild rose to the modern rose. At the same time the Europa-Rosarium is a place for refelction.

Who see the magic of a million rose petals once will always come back.

Salt boil house Bad Frankenhausen

The boil house was the working place for salt workers (master,orderly,subconnector) and was called in Frankenhausen as " Sölde".

The Siedemaster has got years of experience in boiling from the salt and the procedure of the processes. New workers in the  boil house were called subconnectors and they are only allowed to heat. After a few years they become orderlies and now they can represent the master. After again a few years the orderly can apply for the master. Necessary for this is to do an exam and give a proof in practical experience.

In the 16. century in the Sölden they boil every day 5 cm of salt. In Bad Frankehausen were 117  boil houses. Until the 18.century pipe and wood were the fuel.  The outside of the Sölden and the technology do not change in the 18. century. The size of the Sölden were different in german salt works. The boiling pan in Bad Frankenhausen in 1550 was 3,50m long, 3,20m wide and 30cm high und was built out of iron.

In the 16. century the salt works in Bad Frankenhausen were the biggest and importanest in germany.

Famous Salinisten describe the organisation und the structure of a salt company. These included the " Allendorfer Salzgräfe" J. Rhenanus the  author of the "Salzbibel(1569- 1585) and the first salt author J. Thölde the author of " Haliographia(1612)"

The biggest technical development (Dorngradierung) was introduced with many problems by the built of 3 Gradier factories and the first Gradier factory was built in 1793. Dr. W.A. Manniske praises the Gradier factories as buildings and appreciate the salted and healing atmosphere which sorround them.

In the 17. and 18. century many  boil houses were expired and trough 1790 there were not many Sölden left. In 1949 the last  boil house quits.

Regional museum in Bad Frankenhausen

In the former castle from the earl of Schwarzburg and Schwarzburg-Rudolstadt is today the local history museum of the city Bad Frankenhausen and the region of Kyffhäuser. In the renaissance building from the 16th century exists collections for geology from the Kyffhäuser mountains, natural history of the Kyffhäuser region and the historic past of the city and the region. Since 1993 the historic council libary is located in the museum. Furtermore there are many temporary exhibitions.


Hausmanns tower

Even before the first nomination of Bad Frankenhausen in 1219 the city was an strategically important place next to the salt production facility the first castle of the earl from Rotenburg. She was called "Frankenhaus" in 998 and was so important that the city is called by it today. The castle is called 1340 as the possession of the earl from Schwarzburg " Haus", 1381 as " Orenburg" and 1592 as " Alte Burg". The name "Hausmanns tower" was given in 1550 when the castle becomes a home for fire and city watchmen.

The "Hausmanns tower" was taken by the weapons SS and used as an arsenal which was approved for pillage on the 11th of april 1945. After that every entrance was closed.  In 1953 the building was repaired a few times and becomes a memorial for the farmer`s war. But the building decays more and more. In 1980 the club MSC Bad Frankenhausen take over the maintenance so the tower was in 2005 in good conditions.

Adventure world Goethe Chocolaterie

To get know in the Goethe Chocolaterie and Kaffeerösterei the chocolate site of the Kyffhäuser region.

On 5.000 m² you can dip into one of the best sins. See how the chocolate products were built by handwork and enjoy the coffee from our own roasters with a piece of cake. Go shopping how you want in our factory sales and let you kids enjoy our adventure playground.

Water castle Heldrungen

The medieval water castle is worth a visit. Because not even many castles from the 12. century are in such a good condition.

Today the water castle Heldrungen is a youth hostel, castle cafe, event loaction and a destination which derserves his name.

Castle museum  Sondershausen

The castle museum Sondershausen which is located in the former royal palace in 1697 of the earl from Schwartzburg-Sondershausen houses on the one hand art and crafts and on the other hand ethnological and schientific stocks and totally ca. 20 differnet collections.
The oldest stocks are from collections of regents like earl Günther XLI. (1529-1583) or earl Günther I. (1678-1740)

Next to permanent exhibitions the gallery offers temporary exhibitions of the modern art.

Barbarossa cave

In the north of Thuringia, in the national geopark Kyffhäuser is the Barbarossa cave. She is one of the two show caves in antihydrid rocks which exist worldwide and so a geological rarity. She was found on the 20th of december 1865 when miners searchs after kupferschiefer and was opend as an show cave only a few weeks later.

Come with us for a voyage of discovery through the subterranean empire of Barbarossa with all wonders & secrets and enjoy the combination between nature and history. Explore the earth history with all your senses and learn lots of interesting things about the old emperor Friedrich I. and his legend...


Model trains Wiehe

On 12000 qm you can dive into the fascinating world of the little and big trains and be amazed about the good designed model railway layouts.
They suprise in their size and uniqueness with awesome landscape paintings, original train stations models, popular cities and impressive signs from different countries.

Because of the attractive additional offers from exhibtions from regional offers and precious stones and trinket over presentations from handicrafts until temporary art exhibitions and many more not only model train fans enjoy their time in Wiehe.


Panorama museum

Can you remind yourself to the picture where you as a child found every time new stories? Imagine this on a high of 14 meters and a scope of 123 meters. Countless figures and actions are waiting in the Panorama museum to be discovered by you.

500 years ago Bad Frankenhausen was a place for a religious war. One of the last fights in the german farmer war with Thomas Müntzer as a leader.  The former companion from Martin Luther calls out a war against the authority to built an empire from god.

Right over the city is a cylindrical building where an impressive 14 meter high and 123 meter scope painting called " Frühbürgerliche Revolution in Deutschland" (1973-1987) from Werner Tübke is located in. An impressive painting with more than 3000 figures in it and so one of the biggest and figure richest paintings from the new art history.

Am Mittwoch, den 29.03.2017, veranstaltet die Kyffhäuser-Therme in Bad Frankenhausen von 9-22 Uhr den großen „Gesundheitstag“, welcher alles rund um die Themen Entspannung, Gesundheit, Fitness und Prävention bietet. Hier ist für jeden etwas dabei. Im Foyer präsentieren sich von 10 Uhr bis ca. 16 Uhr verschiedene regionale Partner wie u.a. das Sanitätshaus Zimmer, das DRK-Manniske-Krankenhaus Bad Frankenhausen, ein Imker, aber auch Partner wie die Markusgemeinschaft Hauteroda, die Krankenkasse IKK Classic, oder eine Beraterin zu Aloe-Vera-Produkten, sowie die beiden Kurmittelhäuser der Kyffhäuser-Therme. Die Stände bieten unter anderen Gesundheitschecks, Präventionsberatung, Gesundheitsprodukte und Schnupper-Massagen an.Für die Gäste finden zudem am ganzen Tag unterschiedliche Schnupperkurse in den verschiedenen Bereichen der Therme statt, bei denen Sie Körper und Geist trainieren können. Der „Aqua-Fit-Kurs“ im Solebad (10.00 und 15.00 Uhr) fördert die Durchblutung der Muskeln und des Bindegewebes und ist gut für Herz, Kondition und Kreislauf. Darüber hinaus gibt es ein erfrischendes „Salz-Peeling“ im Dampfbad des Solebades gratis zur Entspannung nach dem Fitnesskurs.Gesund entspannen kann man am Mittwoch auch in der „Totes-Meer-Salzgrotte“ und das sogar zum halben Preis (5,00 € statt 10,00 €) oder Sie nehmen an einem der Schnupperkurs teil. Um 10.00 und um 15.00 Uhr bieten die Physiotherapeuten ein „Autogenes Training“ im Wohlfühlambiente der Salzgrotte an und um 11.00 Uhr und 14.00 Uhr den Kurs „Progressive Muskelentspannung nach Jacobson“.Richtig sportlich wird es dann noch mal bei dem Kurs „Nordic Walking“, Richtung Solewasser-Vitalpark um 11.00 und 14.00 Uhr und beim „Step Aerobic“ um 13.00 Uhr.

Kyffhäuser thermal spring

We have make the whole facility more attractive.

Enjoy your bath in 3.5 percent sole and many attractions.

Visit our new constructed sauna landscape with a bigger restaurant and a beautiful panorama rest house.

In the new health and comfort zone you can escape from your everyday life and enjoy your time there. Because of the new chip system you can pay without cash. Even our new foyer welcomes you with a new outfit.


From old makes new the chance für healthness and fitness

An impressive, innovative and with it`s variety of offers unique open air healthness park in Bad Frankenhausen closes the gap in 2016 between spa park and Quellgrund. At the sunny southern slope from the Kyffhäuser mountains was an old sole swimming pool which was a nice place for guests and local people to relax. Because it was not restorable they tore it off to create a space for an new sole water vital park.

Modern fitness equipments, game options, treatment facilities and already the solewater pool invites everybody to be active and health consciuos people and only during the bath season. A big lawn, relaxing places, changing rooms and an excellente gastronomic supply shows best makings for sports and therapeutic activities.

Experience mine Sondershausen

Wear in the "Kaue" (mined for changig room) your miner clothes and drive in. In 670 meters deep you can see an other world. In the mine are about 23 degrees. For the guide it is advised to wear solid shoes.

The Grubendrive includes:
- Sightseeing from the concert and event hall
- Drive with the " Spreewaldkahn" on the laugen sea
- Use of the tunnel slide (optional)
- Sightseeing from the permanent exhibition from the " Heeresmunitionsanstalten"
- Sightseeing of the museum from former mining machinery

A popular experience is the bike tour in the deep. You can enjoy with your own bike the underground world.
Or enjoy a concert in the unique ambience.
Because of security reasons children under 10 years are not allowed to enter the mine!



Kyffhäuser monument

After the death of the german emperor Wilhelm I. they built in 1886 a monument for him in the Kyffhäuser mountains. On the ruins of the medieval castle "Kyffhausen" is a 81 meters high monument tower which was a symbolic warning for the oppenents in the former empire. The unficication finds place in 1871 under emperor Wilhelm I. and let the dream of an unit come true. A dream which Barbarossa has too after his legend. Because of this background they achieve this unique combination from an impressive equestrian statue from the emperor next to Friedrich I. called Barbarossa.